Spring at Rose Cottage Cattery

Update August 2017

Over the next 12 months, Rose Cottage Cattery will slowly wind down to close the end of August 2018

I have decided that we will only board cats that have boarded with us before, we will not be excepting any new cats from September 1st 2017

Sleepy Blueboy loves the Rose Cottage Cattery

Luxury and Loving Care

Any on-going medical problems that your cat currently has and requires treatment for during their stay at Rose Cottage Cattery are NOT included or covered by our Medical Insurance Plan, as you would expect with any plan.

To safeguard the health of all cats boarded, we will only accept cats that have up to date vaccinations for the duration of the whole stay and are in good health. Should it be considered necessary, veterinary attention is assured and any treatment prescribed by a Vet will be continued during the cat´s stay.

All cats at Rose Cottage Cattery must have a current vaccination certificate with them on arrival. This will be on show during their stay, thus giving peace of mind to other cat owners, that only inoculated cats are boarded at Rose Cottage Cattery

Please Note, we do not board un-neutered males over the age of 1 year in the interest of hygiene.

Feeding Routine

Meal times are twice each day, but if your cat needs small meals often this is catered for, young kittens and the very old would normally be fed three times, but if your cat needs small meals simply let us know at the time of booking, or when you and your cat arrives at our cattery.

Cat Litter

Only top quality wood pellet cat litter is used, as this avoids dust in the cats eyes, ears and throat.

Cat litter trays are cleaned every morning, then frequent checks are made during the day, trays will then be changed again as necessary.

Water Bowls

Rose Cottage Cattery at Christmas

These are collected, washed and filled every morning, a water level check is made every evening.


Security is paramount at Rose Cottage Cattery, all the doors are lockable, the outside and inside exits are protected by a double door system.