Rose Cottage Cattery

Update August 2017

Over the next 12 months, Rose Cottage Cattery will slowly wind down to close the end of August 2018

I have decided that we will only board cats that have boarded with us before, we will not be excepting any new cats from September 1st 2017

Inside a unit

Rose Cottage Cattery offers spacious, airy unit and runs.

Security at Rose Cottage

We have units that can accommodate 1,2 or 3 cats in a unit or upto 8 cats in a Family Unit.

Rose Cottage Cattery is well insulated, brick built, double glazed and centrally heated with individual covered runs for each unit. A selection of different sized units is available according to individual or group numbers.

We cater exclusively for cats.

Within each unit a shelf is provided with a further one or two within the run. They provide the facility for your cat to relax at a higher level should it wish to do so.

What to bring

Vaccination Records

When your cat or cats are residing with us we do encourage owners to bring its bedding or favourite cushion etc, any favourite toys, as familiar smells help them to settle in and provide a great deal of comfort.

Please remember to bring any medication your cat may require.

All cats at Rose Cottage Cattery must have a current vaccination certificate with them on arrival. This will be on show during their stay, thus giving peace of mind to other cat owners, that only inoculated cats are boarded at Rose Cottage Cattery

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Sharing a joke and a cuddle at the Rose Cottage Cattery